Your date is saved, your menu is set, and your venue is secured. Now it’s time to make a great impression on your potential guests with an invitation that offers them a glimpse into what they can expect on your wedding day. Here are five wedding invitation trends that you should become familiar with before you stamp and seal your invites. When you’ve settled on a design, wedding invitation printing Phoenix has all of your printing needs covered.

Dark Backgrounds

Your wedding day is sure to feature plenty of bright and neutral colors, and of course there will be white. So, take the opportunity with your wedding invitations to mix in some darker colors to your special day. Navy and black backgrounds on wedding invitations are trending heavily. Go with a dark background and your formal wedding invitation will surely stand out when it’s hanging on your potential guests’ refrigerators.

State Maps

If you’re sending out wedding invitations in 2019 that aren’t shaped like your home state, then you might be the only one. State shaped invitations are eye-catching and just plain cool. In addition to your invites, wedding invitation printing Phoenix can integrate your map design into a themed system of wedding programs, reception cards, napkins, and much more.


A clean, black font against a white background may not sound exciting in theory, but in practice this minimal design exudes elegance. A wedding invitation with no frills can be a pleasure to look at. It strays from tradition enough that it makes its statement just by being sleek and simple.

Geometric Shapes

Incorporating geometric shapes into your wedding invitation adds an element that will make any design pop. Thin, crisp lines can give your invitation extra depth and bring focus to the most important words on the page. Consider combining geometric shapes with a minimalist design or a dark background for a truly trendy wedding invitation.

Negative Space

A beautiful wedding invitation relies as much on the space that is left empty as it does on the space filled with pertinent wedding information. Leverage the negative space on your wedding invitation to highlight the fonts, colors, and other style elements that you choose. A wedding invitation that isn’t filled from edge to edge will provide the space needed for the other details to shine.

With these five trends in mind you can be sure that your wedding invitation will wow your guests before they ever step foot into your venue. Bring your design to life with high quality printed invitations when you partner with wedding invitation printing Phoenix.

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