If you are considering become a PA in London, but are unsure exactly what to expect, do not worry! Today we are here to provide you with a bit of information, so that you can easily decide whether a careers as PA is for you or not.

Being a PA to some people can seem pointless, with many people under the impression that PAs get all of the stress but no thanks. However being a PA in today’s modern business world can be really exciting and rewarding. Just some of the things about PA work that you may not realise include the following:

  • Many people think that being a PA is all about being ordered about and told what to do – However, personal assistants are often a lot more independent than people think, often employed to complement the skills of their bosses and to ensure that they are able to excel at their jobs. Many big bosses would be completely lost without their Pas, and they know it.
  • Being a PA can be a great step in the right direction for many, with many people choosing to become Pas for just a few years in order to learn new skills. It is not unusual and personal assistant careers to progress to office management, management and more.
  • Being a personal assistant is never boring, with Pas required to take on different workloads and tasks on a regular basis and having to communicate with a while wealth of people from employees, to clients, to partners and more.
  • Personal assistants are often highly respected by their bosses, with their bosses quickly realising how much they are helping and how they could now live without them, because of this Pas are often greatly rewarded with bonuses and incentives.

If you still that that a career as a personal assistant could be for you, we highly recommend that you visit a PA recruitment agency in London, who will be able to share details regarding the best personal assistant positions with you and advise and guide you into making the greatest decisions based on your individual needs and requirements.

Top Tip: When looking for new roles, whether as a personal assistance or anything else, it is important to use a recruitment agency that specialise in your sector – This will give you access to the greatest and most rewarding roles and positions.

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